Large Floral Arrangements Posted By: Jacobson Contributor on (03/28/2014)

Create Large Floral Arrangements in Grandeur Glass Read More >

Tags: arrangements , kesler , large , leanne , syndicate , weddings
Garden Rose Bridal Bouquet Posted By: Jacobson Contributor on (02/11/2014)

The classic garden rose is one of the most popular flowers among brides. Read More >

Tags: bouquets , brides , roses , weddings
Neville Videos | Wire-Wrapped Bouquet Holder Posted By: Jacobson Contributor on (08/12/2013)

Upgrade your bouquet holders with aluminum wire. Read More >

Tags: aluminumwire , bouquets , uglu , weddings , wirewrapped
Autumn Cascade Bouquet Posted By: Jacobson Contributor on (07/26/2013)

Recipe for this striking cascading autumn bouquet. Read More >

Tags: arrangements , autumn , bouquets , cascades , cascading , fall , recipes , weddings
Wire Wrapped Bouquet Posted By: Jacobson Contributor on (07/15/2013)

Wrap the bouquet holder in wire to create a unique design. Read More >

Tags: bouquets , holders , weddings , wires
How to Create Submerged Flower Arrangements! Posted By: Jacobson Contributor on (07/06/2012)

J Schwanke from uBloom.com shows how to design Submerged Flower Centerpieces Read More >

Tags: arrangements , frogs , howto , pin , submerged , tips , weddings
Summer Wedding Ideas Posted By: Aldo Marukot on (07/21/2009)

From vibrant colors to warm sunshine to ravishing outdoor settings, everything can add touch of elegance and class to your wedding. Read More >

Tags: summer , weddings
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