Posted by: Stephen Smyth on (08/01/2019)

Suzanne Sampson, AIFD, CFD, NHMFD, is once again at Jacobson to showcase her talents and some of our seasonal products in this 20th episode of "Sessions with Suzanne". Here, she spotlights our Glass Footed Half cut Wine Bottle and uses Fresh Succulents planted in a mix of Cactus & Succulent soil and decorative colored design sand, giving us a stunning and unique arrangement that really does escape the normal. Browse our products used below, and in addition our own artificial succulent selections. All product shown are available at (Fresh Succulents available at your local florist).


Products used in this video:

Footed Half Wine Bottle

Cactus & Succulent Soil Mix

River Sones (Natural)

Colored Design Sand

Succulents Selections





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