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Posted by: Stephen Smyth on (09/15/2018)

Suzanne Sampson, AIFD, CFD, NHMFD, is all about the new Holly Chapple Pillow in episode 22 of "Sessions with Suzanne." Watch Suzanne demonstrate how the pillow is perfect for arranging and stabilizing stems in Jacobson's elegant Glass Picasso Bowl. Using a collection of stunning botanicals, Suzanne effortlessly creates an arrangement by simply inserting stems into the Holly Chapple Pillow. No fuss with wire and no wasted time! You too can design gorgeous pieces faster with the whole line of Holly Chapple tools. All products shown are available at  



Products used in this video:


Glass Picasso Bowl

Holly Chapple Pillow

Oasis Uglu Adhesive Dashes

Hydrangea (White)

Planters Rose

Anemone Stem

Lily of the Valley


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