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Posted by: Jacobson Contributor on (04/05/2013) Tags: arrangement , mothersday , recipe



This arrangement would look lovely as a window display for Mother's Day. The brim of the hat is made from a piece of cardboard cutout like a donut to fit over whatever size ball (rose ball) you prefer and wrapped in ribbon. Change up the colors and sizes to create a different look. We have a large variety of silks and ribbon to create any look you choose. Have fun with this design!


13102 - 4.5”x23.5”H Pilsner Silver

14959PINK - 9” Rose Ball w/ Ribbon Pink or 14960PINK - 7” Rose Ball w/Ribbon Pink (also available in other colors)

Silk Options:

63124PINK - 22” MT Larkspur Spray Pink

12346PINK - 40” Peach Blossom Spray Pink

63066 - 27” Cherry Blossom Spray Pink

84883 - 55” Amaranthus Spray Green

Other Items:

70140 - 17” Feather Ostrich Drab White (for more feathery look add: 31437 - Flutterzz multi-colors avail.)

84995 - 1”x1” Acrylic Crystal Butterfly on wire (for some bling add: 31161, 31162, 31164, 31211 - Kara’s Kisses or 31149, 31150, 31160, 31474 - Bucklezz)

26294PINK - #9 Top Stitch in Time Pink (also available in other colors)

35105PURP - 4” We Taj Purple

35761PRPI - #40 Pretty Pink Anisha

1100502 - Nylon Tulle 6” Pink (to add a little sparkle substitute with: 31739, 32739 - Glitter/Sparkle Tulle)



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