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Posted by: Jacobson Contributor on (10/31/2014) Tags: bubblebowl , candlering , centerpiece , christmas , holidays , wreath , xmas

Sometimes all you need is to think outside the box. Take an ordinary holiday item like a wreath and make it into a large candlering put it around a bubble bowl with a candle in it and just like that you have created a unique centerpeice! We did just that with our "Light Up The Holidays" centerpiece, it is easy to make and we will tell you the ingredients you need to do just that!


You can adjust any of the ingredients to fit your style and needs. Enjoy!



#28211 - 13.5" Long Needle Pine Holly Traditions Spray (used 2 pc)

#27541 - 12" Mix Pine Apple Berry Wreath (used 1 pc)

#90675IVOR - 2" Floating Candle, Ivory - Box of 6 (used 1 pc)

#28746RED - 6.25" x 6.25"H Bubble Bowl Clear w/ Red Lines (used 1 pc)

#84678XM01 - #40 Chirstmas Super Value Ribbon Asst., - 50 Yards (used 3 yds) [Assorted ribbon, in-store or phone orders only]


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