Posted by: Stephen Smyth on (09/29/2018)

Suzanne Sampson, AIFD, CFD, NHMFD, is in a festive mood as she presents some of her Holiday inspirations. Here Suzanne uses a collection of seasonal products to transform our Burberry Burlap Wall Stocking into a stunning Holiday display. Stay tuned for more of Suzanne's Holiday inspirations as she keeps us in the Holiday spirit. All products shown are available at  



Products used in this video:


Burberry Burlap Wall Stocking

Long Needle Sugar Pine Incense Cedar W/cone Spray

Oasis Uglu Adhesive Dashes

Velvet Hydrangea Stem Red

Burlap Rose Spray

Frost Glitter Flock Berry Ball Spray

Wired Wooden Pick

Natural Jute Rope

Wired Edge Burlap Ribbon


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