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Posted by: Stephen Smyth on (02/20/2019)
Holly Heider Chapple’s floral “pillow,” is a mechanic inspired by chicken wire, reimagined and sold exclusively for Syndicate Sales as a lightweight plastic design accessory.  The pillow is perfect for arranging and stabilizing stems. Holly Heider Chapple designed the pillow cages to rest inside or on top of a vessel. As you cross branches and stems through the pillow cage, opposite stems begin to counterbalance each other and stabilize the arrangement. Her logic is that this makes it easier for transportation and break-down aftera wedding or event is over. The whole line of Holly Chapple tools are now available at
Holly Heider Chapple Exclusively for Syndicate shows how to use the Pillow. Here Holly designs a compote arrangement effortlessly by simply inserting stems into the Holly Chapple Pillow. No fuss with wire and no wasted time. You too can design gorgeous pieces faster with the whole line of Holly Chapple tools. 


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