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When Karl Elsener first opened a cutlery workshop in 1884 to provide a knife for the Swiss Army, his idea to create a compact tool was revolutionary. What he invented has long become a legend: the Original Swiss Army Knife. 

Victorinox's home in Ibach, Switzerland, serves as a sign that not only is their product at the forefront of innovation, but the brand's continued commitment to efficiency, modernisation, and consideration for the environment is a true testament to an overarching company ethos. 

"A story of Swiss Inventiveness" is a short film released globally in 2013 which illustrates Victorinox's commitment to responsible manufacturing, through its innovative production process and the patented recycling programmes.

In less than three minutes the viewer will be immersed in the authenticity that is the Victorinox employee family, and gain an insight into this iconic factory, where generations of families have worked in the past 130 years. 

Shot as a short story narrative as told by Yvonne, a factory office employee, viewers are taken on a unique tour of this mysterious and super-efficient Ibach factory. Victorinox produces 120,000 complete units a day from the steel factory, yet miraculously uses the same amount of oil as your average family home. 

The viewer will be taken on a journey where we learn of Victorinox's hydroelectric power, its zero waste on steel, and that it recycles cooling water from production to heat 114 homes in Ibach; the heart of Switzerland, otherwise known as 'Swiss Knife Valley'.



Swiss Army Knifes



Source: Victorinox


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