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From ChrysalCares, Chrysal Floral Nutrients


Gay Smith, Technical Manager for Chrysal Americas explains the features and benefits of using Flower Food. Once flowers are cut, they are deprived of the water, food and hormones that are provided to them by the mother plant in the pre-harvesting phase. In order to allow the cut flower to still bloom in a natural way, while retaining its form, scent, color, leaf color we need to supply it with flower food dissolved in vase water. This must happen at every phase of the distribution chain, at the grower, the wholesaler, the florist and finally at the consumer level. Interruption of thid "food chain" will irrevocably lead to loss vase life. 
Good flower food should contain:
- water softners
- pH regulators
- water absorption promoters
- nutrients

All cut flowers benefit from the nutrients in cut flower food when this is absorbed through the cut edge of the stems.


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Source:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3zAnrDcEoc


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