Posted by: Lori Doty on (07/17/2012)

This modern beachscape design offers a personlized option for one who wishes to send a memorable plant to the bereaved. The long-lasting, sleek Phalaenopsis orchid is anchored with pebbles and an assortment of beachy finds to honor the life of one who loved being close to the water. 


How to: Place an 'Indigo Mystique' Phataenopsis orchid into a clear glass vase, and fill the vase with white gravel. Add a dried mitsumata branch to brace the orchid stem. Embellish the vase with a decorative sea urchin, bleached star fish and white shell. 




Phalaenopsis Orchid

Serenity Vase

Dried Mitsumata Branch

Stones Natural

Sea Urchin


Sea Biscuit


Article source: Florists' Review Magazine



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