Posted by: Lori Doty on (07/18/2013) Tags: accents , arrangements , crystals , cylinders , decos , floating , orchids , recipes , vases


a.  90314 - 4" x 24"H Glass Cylinder Vase

51111CLEA - 12 oz Deco Balls Clear


b.  90313 - 4" x 18"H Glass Cylinder Vase

10887CLEA - 1 lb Deco Crystal Accents Water Storing

51110CLEA - 10 oz Deco Cubes Clear


These arrangements were made with fresh flowers, but you can also use permanents such as the below.

17633CREA - 36” Natural Touch Cymbidium Orchid Spray

84853CREAM/PURP - 40” Orchid Spray


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