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 You’ve all faced the problem before.  It’s the week of Bridezilla’s wedding and the fresh purple carnations that you booked with your wholesaler for Frankenstein’s boutonnière were backordered.  What are you going to do now??  One option would be to dye white carnations purple (or any color you need) using Design Master’s Absorbit powder dyes.



  It’s not as difficult as you might think to turn white flowers into almost any color you desire and with a little practice you’ll soon be a pro.  Follow these simple steps and you’re on your way:


1.  Always follow the directions on the jar.  Over or under doing it on the recommended amount of powder per quart or gallon will not help you- as a matter of fact it will actually hurt.

2.  Use good warm water (100-110 degrees).  You don’t need a lot of solution.  Carnations or poms don’t need to be sitting in six inches of solution—an inch or two will do.

3.  Ideally use dry fresh flowers right out the box from your wholesaler.  The dying process is inhibited if the flowers have already been hydrated.  Make sure you cut the bottom 2” off the stems before putting them in the dye solution.

4.  Different varieties of flowers absorb the dye at different rates.  Standard and mini carnations absorb the dye quickly- heavy drinkers with woody stems like roses absorb the dye more slowly.  Depending on the variety, plan on having the flowers in the dye anywhere from a half an hour to an hour.

5.  When the flowers begin to show color remove them from the dye solution and rinse the stems off under running water (don’t have on your favorite Levi’s- this could get messy).  Place the flowers in a clean bucket with clean water with flower food.  The dye will continue to be absorbed into the head of the flower and it will deepen in color.  A little practice in deciding when to take the flowers out of the dye to achieve the end result you want may be necessary.

6.  Ideally let the flowers sit in clean water/flower food overnight.  If you are concerned that you might have left the flowers in the solution too long and the flowers are going to be too dark- change the water in the bucket a couple of times so the flowers will absorb nothing but clear liquid.


  Dyeing fresh flowers another color is an easy and inexpensive way to set yourself apart from your competition.  Use the recipe guide below to come up with just about any color flower you want when you need it—and save yourself from the wrath of Bridezilla!! 



Click here to download Design Master Absorbit's Direction of Use and Color Mixing Guide.


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