What's coming up in 2017?

The addition of Quinlan-Wasserman to Jacobson Floral Supply, Inc.'s (Jacobson) South End location provides a one-stop shopping experience for flowers, plants, and floral supplies. The new showroom will open on March 1, 2017.

Bill Jacobson, President of Jacobson said, "We are delighted to include Quinlan-Wasserman Wholesale in our Albany Street footprint. With the Boston Flower Exchange set to close at the end of this year, we knew this created uncertainty for those customers who have relied on the Flower Exchange for cut flowers and plants. This new arrangement allows us to offer the same one-stop shopping experience for fresh flowers, plants, and hard goods that they have become accustomed to. We are excited about the future of the wholesale floral market in Boston."

Led by Kevin Quinlan, Ken Wasserman, Tom Reardon (formerly of Fall River Supply and Wilson Farms in Lexington), Jeff Silveira, and Tim Rogers, Quinlan-Wasserman has well over 100 years of combined cut flower and potted plant experience.

Kevin Quinlan said, "We are combining forces with Jacobson and Berry's Greenhouses to create New England's premier one-stop flower, supply, and plant shopping experience."

"We will bring an expanded selection of higher-end novelty products and special ordering capabilities along with our year-round quality and value-oriented product lines. We will be expanding our delivery routes. We will also be promoting our new Direct Buy programs  from South America  and Holland to give customers better pricing on the freshest possible products from those regions."

From Bill and Kevin, "We hope you all have a great holiday season this year, that you will come in and visit us to see our 2016 Christmas product lines, and that you are as excited as we are that you will continue to have access to world class flowers and plants here on Albany Street in Boston."